Giant Eviscerated Bunny


Hello all, remember me. Let’s just say it’s been a long fun-filled few weeks and get back to being angry about the world, shall we?

This is quite old and quite stupid but it’s been a slow month – Boston Marathon bombing aside. Above is a picture of a giant stuffed pink bunny with some of his “stuffing” (internal organs to you and me) laying next to it. Another wonderful example of art for fuck’s sake, I’m sorry, I meant art’s sake.

Found on the mountainside of Colletto Fava in Italy where it was placed in 2005 by Austrian artist collective gelitin, it is now sadly the many reason anyone has actually ever heard of this picturesque piece of Italian countryside. Because that’s what you want to see when visiting rural Italy.

It’s expected to stay there until 2025 where according to the artists it should be “swallowed up by the weather”. Either that or some poor bastards are going to have to drag the fucker back down the mountain again.


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