Why haven’t they done this already?


Oh that’s right, because it’ll cost a couple gazillion dollars and take forever.

So some group of rather “don’t like to get their hands dirty” scientists (I’m only calling them this because I thought jackasses was a bit strong) have come up with the ingenious idea (no sarcasm intended) of paving the world’s roads with solar panels to create vast sources of energy.

It really is a great idea. I mean, roads are almost everywhere outside, they’re large and are almost always in contact with the sun’s energy-giving light… But. Kim Kardashian step aside, this is a rather big BUT.
It’s clearly the “hypothetical” thinking of a bunch of guys who didn’t both to learn how to use a calculator…

  1. Let’s start with the cost of having to repave every patch of road currently traversing say, the United States, probably the only country where this would be possible… And this is only if we manage to engineer a truly durable solar panel.
  2. The there’s the infrastructure needed to extract and store all that solar energy.
  3. Then there’s the maintenance costs, especially when the “fast and the furious” club comes to town.
  4. And let’s not forget that potentially, but the time all these roads have been repaved, we’ll no longer be using cars.

Call me a skeptic, a naysayer, a party-pooper, I don’t care. My local municipality still hasn’t fixed the giant pothole outside my house and about four miles from where I live there isn’t anything but dirt road. So good luck fellas, you’ll need it.


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