But I don’t want to share.


Okay, I’m wading into this one… Israel, grow up.

It seems Israel’s deputy foreign minister, Ze’ev Elkin, has become a bit upset at Google for changing their Palestinian homepage last week to read “Palestine” instead of “Palestinian Territories”.

His gripe, he sees this move by Google as a statement of their support Palestinian independence. Tsk, tsk, tsk, silly Google. I quote a Reuters report, “When a company like Google comes along and supports this line, it actually pushes peace further away, pushes away negotiations, and creates among the Palestinian leadership the illusion that in this manner they can achieve the result.”

Basically, he’s saying Israel own Palestine’s ass and they’ll get their independence when Israel say so. Google shouldn’t be giving Palestinians ideas above their station. Google took the decision to change the name after the UN upgraded Palestine’s status as a recognised state last November… Palestine is recognised by the United States as well. Mr Elkin isn’t happy about that either.

It seems the only people unhappy about this clear trend towards recognising Palestine’s independence is Israel.


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