I feel like I’ve been dumped.


So Sir Alex Ferguson has left me… Okay, not me specifically. He has retired from his position as the manager of Manchester United Football Club – one of the biggest and most loved sporting clubs in the world, and more importantly, the club I support. After more than a quarter of a century in charge, he just upped and resigned without any warning, not even a note or some nice flowers. Quite frankly, I’m hurt.

If you don’t know who Sir Alex Ferguson is and you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’re already dead to me. Let’s put it this way people, he’s a big deal and he will be on your local television news channel soon.

Know as the most “relentless winner” in European football management, he has won nearly 50 professional trophies in his career including 13 English Premier League titles and 2 UEFA Champions League titles. This man is the godfather of European football.

I can’t even remember a Manchester United team before Ferguson, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Hell, what the heck are Manchester United going to do?


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