Justin Bieber thinks he’s an “artist”


Okay give me a minute while I catch my breathe. HAHAHA! How very adorable. He just won a Billboard Music Award. It’s an award based almost entirely on sales. So if 40 million screaming, prepubescent 12-year-old girls get their daddies to buy your record, you win one. That’s called marketing, not art.

In fifty, nay ten years time no one will remember anything you’ve ever done you little hairless turd. Beethoven was an artist. Jim Morrison was an artist. You are nothing but a paedophile’s wet dream.

You may have 40 million followers on Twitter right now, desperate to know what colour your bowel movement was this morning. But enjoy it while it lasts. Don’t force your day in the sun to end prematurely (like I imagine many things do for you) by being a monumental tosser.

And so I leave you with this, “The only thing that Chuck Norris can’t break is Justin Bieber’s voice”.


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