Apple iOS7, whoopdee do…


While I’m sure all you terribly delightful Apple addicts are frothing at the mouth with the news of a new operating system and computer updates, I’m highly pissed off.

When the hell did APPLE.COM get ads? What happened to all that crap they’re spouting about clean and functional interfaces when their own site has a glaring, eye-soar of a banner advert on the top of the screen. Maybe it’s just in my location but it’s horrid.

And the guy who coded it should be shot. First of all, the one I’m looking at keeps floating under the toolbar, so I can’t read it. Not that I’d want to. I suppose I should just be happy it’s not advertising penis enlargements.

Basically, for me, it is as sure a sign as any that Apple are losing their touch. With their market, with themselves and with their web developer. Apple should have enough money not to need advertising, if they don’t they should do it better, and it screams of a disconnect between ethos and practice.

Apple, sort your shit out.


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